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Pneumatic Shock Testing Machine

Price : INR 1,000,000.00 / Piece(s)

In today’s world, products and packaging is required to go through an extensive amount of testing before reaching the end user. Often, many products are subjected to a specific test standard that requires the shock test. The Pneumatic Shock testing Machine is used to conduct such tests, due to its ability to produce drop impacts that are controlled, reproducible and accurate. We, at Dynamic Associates provide the clients with the reliable Pneumatic Shock testing Machine. We are considered as one of the well-recognized Pneumatic Shock testing Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Our Pneumatic Shock testing Machine is available in different sizes depending upon customer’s testing requirements. Table extenders may be provided to increase table size. These Pneumatic Shock testing Machine produce a shock pulse in the vertical direction using compressed air to force the carriage to impact on the machine base. Rubber pads are used between the platform and the base in the impact area to produce half-sine pulses.

The design of the programmers affect the time duration of the pulse while the air pressure and drop height are used to accelerate the carriage to determine the magnitude of the shock pulse. The basic structure of the Pneumatic Shock testing Machine is made of heavy steel which will not deteriorate under repeated shocks. This structure contains sufficient mass so that no additional ballast will be required. The structure is supported on four passive air springs with dampers to isolate the shock from the floor. The test item is mounted to a solid platform with heavy duty steel inserts in the top surface.

The platform of Pneumatic Shock testing Machine is supported and guided by the lifting and driving piston rod. Friction brakes are used as a rebound brake and as a quick release device. A microprocessor control is available to provide a single point for shock machine set up. The controls for the machine are mounted in a control panel on the front of the machine.


Type Pneumatic Shock Testing Machine
Certification CE Certified
Voltage 220V, 380V
Condition New
Automatic Grade Automatic
Power 1-3kw
Driven Type Pneumatic
Resistivity Rust Resistant
Durability Long Life

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  • Pneumatic Shock Testing Machine

  • Control Panel

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